Cold & Freezer Rooms

Cold rooms are essential for commercial environments where regular refrigeration no longer provides enough storage space for anything that needs to be kept chilled or frozen.

Based on hundreds of projects, we understood and solved every pain point that customers faced, and have solved them to perfection.

We now provide the state of the art coldrooms that can be customised to suit our client’s requirements.

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Our Coldrooms Explained

Brodan 3G system is designed with three principles in mind: top quality, solid operation and energy saving. The result is the smartest and most economical Chiller-Freezer rooms in the Kingdom and we are proud to be manufacturing in its entirety in Saudi Arabia.

Our Unique Technologies

Pressure relief valve (freezer)

Standard to all freezer rooms to insure pressure balance.

Monolith Coving

Hygienic Angle bar coving system that facilitate cleaning and reduces the accumulation of dirt.

Baro-Flex® Swing Doors

The third generation doors has drastically improved. It is recessed, automatic self-close, with triple self-raise hinges. Therefore, the recess door frame design coupled with the automatic closer, extremely reduces thermal leak and reduces energy and service costs. The ergonomic door handle is designed to be pulled as the door doesn’t need to latch or lock. Basically the door doesn’t need to be handled when closing.

LongWall® Panel

The third generation panel is uniquely designed to offer great value with no additional cost and great saving in energy. The new standard overlapping joint design helped achieve two important elements:

higher thermal insulation with added mechanical strength to the room.

Increased aesthetic value and hygiene as there is no need to finish joints with silicon with virtual absence of seams between panels.

Digital System Controls

Compact and smart looking Dual/Single room controls with no exposed wiring and with temperature alarm. Controls come with optional feature of remote temperature monitoring and controls.

Flush Mount Refrigeration Package

This new design element eliminated the space occupied earlier by an evaporator and allowed for the entire interior to be used for storage.

Refrigeration Unit Types

In the restaurant business the storage of chilled or frozen products has always been a challenge of sorts. We understand its importance and have worked to be able to find a solution in our cold storage products that fit every need and can be customised to fit any kitchen dimension.
Monoblock System

Monoblock System

Less than 5cm exposed from the celling

Easy to install (plug & start)

Requires air ventilation in the areaworks up to 45 CBM

Remote Unit System

Remote Unit System

Low profile evaporator with lenght 20 cm

Saves more space in the cold room

Low noise in the cold room


Download the detailed Specification Sheet of Brodan freezer/cold rooms.

Benefits of owning a Coldroom +++

+ Energy Efficiency

Compact and smart looking Dual/Single room controls with no exposed wiring and with temperature alarm. Controls come with optional feature of remote temperature monitoring and controls.

+ Easy Accessibility

Our doors provide the ability to wheel items directly into the cold room without the need for a cabinet door to be held. Both swing and sliding doors combine the latest technology, premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of the cold storage industry.

+ Size Flexibility

Our cold rooms can be professionally customized to fit your place. Either you have a big or small area, we mostly can design the cold rooms based on your dementations. When you compare this with a fridge or freezer of similar capacity, not only does it offer more space but also flexibility.

+ Low Price

It is a common myth that cold rooms are expensive. On the contrary, large cold rooms way cheaper than buying multiple double-door upright commercial refrigerators. A cold room with size of 2m x 2m x 2m allowed more than 7000 litre which costs you around SAR 30,000, while double-door commercial refrigerators with the same capacity will cost more than SAR 70,000.

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